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  Lifetime Financial Plan

What are your life and financial goals?

The first part of the financial planning journey is the ‘discovery’ meeting where we get to know each other and discuss what you would like to happen with your financial future.


Where you are now

To get a clear picture of where you are now, we collect information from you about what plans you already hold, such as Savings, Investments, NISAs, Pensions, Protection and Debts. We look at your income and expenditure now and in the future to assess what will need to change if anything to achieve the life you want. What risks you are taking?, what returns you’ve had? What about the plans charges? -All behind the scenes to assess where you are right now.



Recommend and Implement the plan

This is where we put together some recommendations, based on where you are and what you would like to happen. Our goal is to help our clients plan their retirement and secure their family’s financial future. We create recommendations and see into your future, using cash flow forecasting software to help paint of picture of where you will be.

Once agreed we then set up the recommendations and put the plan into practice; investing your money and getting everything in place.

Staying on the right track

Things change over time. Now that we have a plan set up and running, it is essential to ensure we  ‘stay on track’. Here we meet at least once a year to review how everything is going both for you and the money, adjusting thing accordingly, using your annual tax allowances and plan for the year ahead.

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